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Disaster Recovery - Can't generate ISO


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Retrospect Log follows this post


Have been using Retrospect 6.5 to make verifed backups on a new Dell XPS GEN 3 system for about 2 months. Finally decided to make a Disaster Recovery CD yesterday. (I had done this successfully on other machines with Retrospect 6.5.)


After percolating along for a few minutes I got an error message saying the ISO generation process was not completed successfully - because of one read and one write error of the same file NTDLL.DLL related some how to a CRC check.


I searched for all version of the offending file on my system. The file was found in four directories, two "versions" in two directories, two versions in the two other directories - that is, one version twice and another version twice.


I have Roxio/Norton GOBACK on my computer, which allows you to play around but restore system to any previous point in time. So I decided to experiment. I first looked at my Windows XP Pro installation disc, and determined what version of NTDLL.DLL was on that disc. I copied that version of the DLL to the four locations on my system that the SEARCH funciton showed contained the file - the thought being that perhaps with the different versions of the file the CRC check somehow failed when it may have seen different file versions. No help, got the exact same error message when attempting to generate a disaster CD. Tried various other combinations of NTDLL.DLL versions - all to no avail. Even tried running original verison of system - used GOBACK to restore it - through SAFE MODE - again with same error messages. I have now restored system using GOBACK to before my experiments.


By the way, I tried making a Disaster CD with various Retrospect backup files, including a very early version made just after I received the system from DELL. No difference, same error messages.



Finally, I even ran SFC from the CMD line - this windows program checks that critical windows files are not corrupted and fixes them if they are corrupted. Made no difference when I subsequently tried to generate a Disaster CD.


If disaster occurs, I guess I can always format hard drive, reinstall Windows XP, Retrospect and then access the external drive containing the backup. But I would sure like to use a Disaster Recovery CD if possible. Anyone have some suggestions?


See Retrospect LOG below


Thanks so much


Paul S


+ Retrospect version 6.5.350

Launched at 9/20/2004 7:42 AM

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.9.101

+ Executing Prepare for Disaster Recovery at 9/20/2004 7:42 AM

From Backup Set Backup CURRENT C TO D, Snapshot SystemDrive (C:) 9/19/2004 2:00 AM

To CD-ROM image file Restore SystemDrive.iso...

File "NTDLL.DLL": can't read, error -1127 (data error detected in file using cyclic redundancy check)

Trouble writing files, error -1127 (data error detected in file using cyclic redundancy check)

9/20/2004 7:46:13 AM: 2 execution errors


Can't continue execution, error -1127 (data error detected in file using cyclic redundancy check)

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