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Error Message 1123


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At the end of the last three backups I receive an error code 1123 - volume structure corrupt (as below).


16/09/2004 17:03:57: Copying Drive C (C:)


While scanning volume MAXTOR 1,


Folder I:\Retrospect Backup\Backup cop...,


Scanning incomplete, error -1123 (volume structure corrupt)


16/09/2004 17:06:30: Comparing Backup copy of Drive C © on MAXTOR 1 (I:)


16/09/2004 17:07:26: 1 execution errors


Completed: 1136 files, 999.6 MB


Performance: 579.4 MB/minute (397.1 copy, 1090.4 compare)


Duration: 00:03:28 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)


Quit at 16/09/2004 17:07


Is this serious (files seem to have been copied and are recoverable) Ideas as to what has caused this and how to remedy this error would be much appreciated.



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