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Tape => DVD and filesystem change


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Hi !


I have two questions which have bugged me for quite a while:


I currently do backups on 10GB travan tapes. I have 5 of them and am on the last one.

How can I transfer parts of this backup set onto DVD ? Ideally I would like to move the first two tapes into a new backup on a networked server, and burn it on DVD there.

I figure this should be possible by doing a volume transfer into a file backup folder on the server, and burning the folder on DVD, but how do I tell Retrospect to move all Files from the first/second Tape ?


I have to switch one of my machines from Fat32 to NTFS, and want to prevent Retrospect from backing up the whole volume again. Possible ?


Thanks for your help,



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To copy the data to DVD you can either transfer directly from your tapes to a DVD backup set or you can transfer from a Tape set to a "disk" backup set stored on the hard drive. Just stop the transfer operation after you have finished copying the first two tapes.


Converting your drive to NTFS will likely cause all of your files to be backed up again. There's no way around this.




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