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Multiple Proactive Backups All Going To One BU Set


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I have set up five separate proactive backups, each with four or five client members, running concurrently. I added them one by one, and everything seemed to be working fine until yesterday afternoon. I deleted then re-created a backup set because I wanted to encrypt the set as a safeguard for the people in that group (execs). When I was creating the set, it told me that there was already a b/u set with the same name and did I want to overwrite it and I replied "yes", and it all seemed OK. I then set up the proactive backup for that set but when I went to check the proactive status, it did not display the same as the others and I think I might've selected "active always" as the scheduling option, and the status was showing as "activated" instead of just "active".


I switched it back to "normal schedule", but now, even though that one set has only three members, the one script tries to back up every client active on the network. I've had to stop every backup job as it was starting but it keeps retrying those clients and doesn't seem to be correcting itself. What is the problem and how do I fix this?

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