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Disaster Recovery Fails - file sharing problem


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I keep getting the following error whenever I try to create the DR iso image.


+ Executing Prepare for Disaster Recovery at 15/09/2004 23:43

From Backup Set Backup Set B, Snapshot Drive C (C:) 14/09/2004 18:00

To CD-ROM image file Restore Drive C.iso...

File "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\atapi.sys": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation)

16/09/2004 08:39:07: 1 execution errors


I'm running XP Pro SP2, Retro Express 6.5.342; Backup is on a Western Digital External USB harddisk. I'm trying to write the iso image to the main C: drive (SATA)


Anyone got any suggestions as to what is causing the problem or how to fix it?



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