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Transferring ALL Files (including boot files) From One PowerBook To Another

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I'm running Retrospect 6.0.193 on a 17" 1.33GHz PowerBook with 2GB RAM running MacOS X 10.3.5. I just bought a new 1.5GHz PowerBook and want to "clone" every file from my current 'Book to the new one (i.e. I want to make an exact duplicate of every file and structure if possible). Can this be done using Retrospect, Toast, or some other method that will prevent me from having to reinstall every file (including my authorized copy-protected files) and be able to boot up the new 'Book? Also, is there a way to transfer all files in real time WITHOUT having to first create a backup set from the old 'Book and restore it to the new one?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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- Mount the new PB on the Desktop of the current one, using FireWire Target Disk Mode.


- Format/partition the new 1.5GHz's drive the way you want it.


- Duplicate the contents of the boot drive to the volume you want to use as the boot volume on the new machine (make sure the Finder's "Ignore Permissions" option is not set).


- Disconnect and boot.


No promises about the copy-protected files; these may vary depending on the copy-protection methods used


Carbon Copy Cloner will work for this task, too.

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