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content unrecognized / old tapes

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I am pretty certain that this is a *SOFTWARE* issue. (I have cleaned the heads, shuffled the scsi chain, changed the power supply, refurbished the drive, etc. the list goes on and becomes rather embarrassing after a while).




All of my old tapes come up as "content unrecognized." Even the ones that were backed up on the same computer... I have upgraded to 9.2 (from 9.1 and older versions) but on other systems running 9.2, the tapes are recognized and work. I have tried turning off all the extensions that are unneccesary and I have upgraded to latest version of retrospect (5.0.201). Still unrecognized. Am I missing a driver? Is it something with the advanced driver kit? HELP!

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There's a knowledgebase entry that you might find helpful at:








Without details on your configuration, though, it is difficult to offer further advice.




Go through the troubleshooting suggested, and if you are still having problems, repost with the following information:




Retrospect Version and build


Computer Model and speed


OS X version and build


Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window)


Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window)


Device interface


Media brand and size


Other Devices




If an external device, please provide:


Adapter Card


Adapter Card firmware


Adapter Card driver for OS X








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support



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