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5.0.205 Update Released-Read Me

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Retrospect Backup 5.0.205 Updater






General Information




This program will update an existing installation of Retrospect Desktop Backup, Retrospect Workgroup Backup, or Retrospect Server Backup for Macintosh version 5.0 to version 5.0.205. This updater will not remove or modify your existing Retrospect preferences, catalog files, or backup sets, which are fully compatible with the new version.




To update Retrospect Express Backup 5.0, use the Express-only updater, available from the Dantz FTP site.




Owners of Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 2.0 who wish to update their Retrospect Express software should visit the Symantec page on the Dantz website .










Quit Retrospect before using the updater. Open the updater by double-clicking the Install Retrospect icon in the Finder.




When the updater is finished, either open Retrospect or restart the computer. This re-establishes the RetroRun process that allows Retrospect to automatically launch to execute scripts.




Version History






Fixed a problem scanning icons/privileges of files with names longer than 31 characters.




Fixed a problem that caused Retrospect to erroneously display an error message following autolaunch or launching the application by double-clicking a run document stating that automatic execution failed, possibly due to a power failure or system crash.








Fixed a problem that caused version 5.0.201 running under Mac OS 9 to assert failure (with "elem.c-812") when backing up a client computer that has personal file sharing turned on.




Fixed a problem where the RetroRun process in Mac OS X would continually increase its memory use while any LaunchCFMApp process was running. (LaunchCFMApp is a process used in Mac OS X to open Carbon applications.)








Initial release.



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