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OS 9 5.0.201 clients -- not enough memory?

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I'm seeing this more frequently:




Backup machine is running Retro 5 (patched) on OSX 10.1.4.




*Some* (more than 1) OS 9 clients with the Retro control panel are showing in the error log that:




"can't reserve backup client , errror 518 (not enough client memory)"




If I go look at the client, it says it's "connected".




One of these clients is my Meeting Maker server (7.0.2). It does nothing but sit there and get backed up daily. The client machine (9.2.2) currently shows 80M free RAM.




Restarting the client (of course) resets things. All clients are running 9.2.2. Some have other software, but this machine in particular only has 9.2.2 and Meeting Maker on it. Nothing else.




This is new behavior. Any idea what's causing it?




- Steve

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What ethernet cards are in the problem clients?




Try updating the drivers for the ethernet cards in those machines. If you still get the errors, revert to the 4.3 client and see if the problem persists.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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