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Locked Folders On Restore Under OSX Server

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Here is the situation. I have my main backup setup on my server which is a AIT tape library on a Dual 1ghz G4. I also have a single AIT drive hooked to a computer in a separate room. What happens is that my graphic designers use this single drive for unarchiving customer jobs without having to use the big AIT library which is located in the server room. Under Mac OS9/Retro 4.3, when a restore job was run and restored to the "restore" folder we have set up on our server, it used to be that anyone could access it. It wasn't always that way, but I found a place that let me set an option saying "folders created are owned by everyone" or something like that. Now, under OS X Server/Retro5 I am back to having users locked out. They can do a restore, but the folder taht is created automatically when you do a restore is only accessible to the administrator. I need the restore jobs to be accessible to anyone, anytime. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it an OS X thing or a retrospect 5 thing?




I appreciate any help










Eric W. Loewenhagen


Crescent Printing Company



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