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LaCie AIT 2 Tape Drive not found

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I have a similar problem like a couple of people here, my drive will fall off the device list, and will only come back on when I do the following:


Eject tape (this is must, drive will not show if tape is not ejected)

Turn off drive

Quit Retrospect

Turn on drive

Run Retrospect

Insert tape


The drive has fallen off two times this week, and it's been frustrating.


I'm running OS X Server 10.2.8, Retrospect 5.1.177, and firmware and drivers are up to date with the drive.


Any suggestions?



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What firmware version do you have for the drive?

I assume this is firewire, have you tried plugging the device into another firewire port? Have you tried another firewire cable?


Does Apple system profiler see the device when it vanishes in Retrospect?




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I have exactly the same problem with 10.3.7, G5 iMac and a La Cie AIT-2 Firewrire drive. Retrospect is 6.xx and everything (application, remotes, RDU) is up to date


This problem didn't occur on a Beige G3 with a FireWire card running OS 9.2.2. It makes unattended backups inpossible and so makes the whole setup a waste of time


Any suggestions?

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