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new assertion error

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I sort of posted this before during the original "assertion error" threads, but as it turns out, I'm getting a whole different error.




I've got three of our Macs upgraded to Retrospect 5.0.203. Each of my Macs uses the email handler in conjunction with either Entourage or Outlook Express to send notificaion to me after a backup completes itself.




Ever since I upgraded to version 5, if I have the Retrospect Event Handler enabled (in the Preferences/Retrospect folder, I mean), after Retrospect issues the command to shutdown the computer, I get the error --




Internal consistency check failed:


Assertion check at "task.c-402"




If you say OK, the computer then executes the shutdown. Of course, I'd like it to shutdown completely unattended. I've disabled the REH for now, so I do get backups, but the computers don't email me confirmation. Anybody know anything about this?

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