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express 6.5 vs pro


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I can't seem to find info about the difference between Exprss and Porfessional 6.5. I purchased a copy of Express 6.5. Should I upgrade to Pro?


Can I with either Exp or Pro have two sets of backups on the same machine where Backup 1 saves doc, xl, etc. files to a hard disk 1. Backup 2 saves media files to another disk hard disk 2. The disks are hot swapable EIDE drives and share the same slot. I'd like to have them scheduled and yell at me to install the proper drive.



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You can check out the Product matrix for the Professional edition at:




We don't actually list the Express edition because it is OEM and not available for direct sale, but this may help you with some of the Professional features. Trial editiona are available. Upgrade pricing is available at:



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