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how do i know when a tape is empty or full?

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i have been having a lot of trouble with a Sony AIT2 tape loader, and one of the things that keeps happening is it can't find the next tape in the series and so i end up skipping it. now i have lots of tapes and i don't know for sure if they have data on them. they have names when i load them into the tape drive, but in the snapshot it says that they are missing, and i tried using "Set Found" but it did no good.


is there anyway to get information about how much a tape has been used?





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Any tape you have should be a member of a backup set. So if you go into Retrospect and use the ...* tab, then you can press the Backup Sets button and view for every backup set how many members (tapes) it has and how much space is used on them. (Where is where my problem starts…)


* Sorry, can't remember the name of the tab just like that (and don't have Retrospect running here)

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