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Scalar 24 / Wincdows 2k3 /Retro 6.5

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Here's my interesting issue which I'm not sure how to fix just yet.


We're using Retro 6.5 Multi-server and a mix of Fixed Backup scripts and ProActive Backup scripts. We have one drive in the Scalar24, and for the most part we're fine.


But occasionally, one of the scripts will fire up in a second execution unit and wait for something that's already using the drive to finish. When this happens, it seems there's about a 50/50 chance that it will realize the drive is busy and wait, or sometimes it will ask for the tape. If it askes for the tape, then I'm hosed. From that point on, all autload functions within Retrospect are over for that session. Even if the currently running script needs to change tapes, it can't. All I have to do is quit Retrospect and relaunch it and I'm good to go for another couple days.


Thoughts? This is a dedicated HP DL320 with Adaptec 29320. The only other thing this server does is serve up DHCP for a small subnet. Thoughts anyone?


-Matt Disher

Seapine Software Inc.


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First the obvious stuff:

Do you have the Retrospect 6.5.343 and the newest driver update installed?

Have you made sure the windows driver for the loader is disabled?


You can clear the loader table in Retrospect by holding down the shift key and clicking on "eject all". That may help.


Does the configure-devices-environment window say you using ASPI or NT passthrough?




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