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Workgroup will not run a full backup

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I have a strange problem. When I run my Retrospect, version 5.0, it will start to back up the clients but it gets about half way through the first one and the Net Retry option comes up and it never relocates them and then it stops the backup script and I get an incomplete backup. This is the system that I have running. Retrospect Workgroup 5.0 running on Mac OS 10.2. The 10.2 machine is a PowerPC G3 with a Sonnettech G4 Upgrade card installed. The back drive is a Lacie 35/70 gig AIT Firewire Tape Drive. I have that connected to the PowerPC using a Firewire PC Card. I am wondering if the fact that I have this on a PC Card bus firewire port is the reason for the stoppage. I am out of ideas, besides sending up an old G3 Blue and White to see if that will help out anything. I have the almost the same setup at another location but running Retrospect Server on an xServe with the same drive and I have no problems with that configuration. If anyone has any ideas or could offer any suggestions, that would be wonderful.


Thanks in advance.



Daniel Krajc

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