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Using Lacie 8x DVD+-R drive?

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Greetings. I'm considering buying a Lacie D2 DVD+-R drive (http://lacie.com//products/product.htm?id=10113 ) for use with Retrospect. Lacie says that it uses either a Pioneer DVR-107D or an NEC 2500a mechanism. Neither of these drives is "certified" for the Mac on the hardware compatibility list. Has anyone tried them?


And more broadly, are there any fast (4x DVD+RW or faster) drives that ARE certified for the Mac?

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Well, on the strength of pwilk's reply in the main forum I bought the Lacie drive. The one I received has a Pioneer 107D mechanism with firmware 1.05.


After using Retrospect's "configure" utility with 4x DVD+RW media, I got a successful backup and verify with the following stats:


Completed: 212639 files, 10.1 GB

Performance: 134.4 MB/minute (121.4 copy, 150.4 compare)

Duration: 02:42:23 (00:09:16 idle/loading/preparing)


This is on an alBook 17" with lots of small files. Using the clock, I was able to determine that it backed up large files at about 300 MB/min, or very close to the theoretical maximum for 4x media (1.3MB/sec * 4 * 60 = 312 MB/min).


This is much, much faster than with the builtin Matshita UJ-816 drive.


Thank you, pwilk.

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