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Backup Set size and maintenance needed


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I have been using Retrospect Express 5.6 for a while now to back up several PCs to a seperate hard drive (which is looking smaller all the time). As various hardware is replaced, this has been a great help archiving and finding files lost in transitions.

However, I can see the writing on the wall, using a single Backup Set and incremental mode, will eventually lead to a full disk. How do I moderate the size of the Backup Set?


Can I archive part of the set? Is there redundant info to delete? What is a better strategy?



Rich White

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With Retrospect Express your options are pretty limited. If you upgrade to professional you could copy only the newest data to a different set using the transfer function.


Another solution would be to get another disk to store backups on. That way you can keep this one as an archive until the other disk gets full. By then the data on the first disk will be old enough that you can safely erase it.



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