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duplicate A/C

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I recently added a RedHat Linux 9 client to our backup system and have had some problems that seem to be specific for RH 9 (I have had a RH 7.3 client and an old 6.2 client in the system for a long time without seeing this):


It seems that the RH9 client is interfering with other windows clients; I get this type of error message in the logs on the RH9 machine:


iplud: duplicate A/C with: Foo_client (192.168.0.xxx:61697)


Anyone knows what this means?



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Do you have dual nics or a virtual NIC on your linux machine? if so Retrospect is detecting the client on both interfaces. This confuses Retrospect to the point where it thinks there are two computers using the same activator code.


Try binding the client to one of the IP addresses using retroclient -ip



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Thank you for the reply.


I have two nics but the client was already started with -ip eth2 which is the correct net to bind to. I get many different error meassages (repeated many times) in /var/log/messages as well as in /var/log/retroclient.log:


The one above obviously,


iplud: duplicate name with: Foo_client,


ServicePurge: service not found,


transPiper: non-stream packet too large:58600


I don't know how informative these are but I can't figure out what's wrong.



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