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New computer causing double instance of Retrospect

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I have just transferred files and settings to a new computer and installed Retrospect 6.5 afresh. Retrospect apeears to run OK and I have updated to the latest update of Retrospect and the latest RDU file.


I can make an initial backup to any media, but once I attempt an incremental backup to a medium I lose control of the program. The Task Manager shows two instances of Retrospect running and both are "not responding." Attempts to kill either instance of Retrospect (short of reboot) fail. This is true whether backing up the host computer or my client laptop from the host.


Retrospect 6.5 Pro, Windows XP Pro, P4 (multithreading), 2 GB Ram, SATA 150 drives, external usb2 drive, external firewire drive, DVD+RW.

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