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Error 530 client not found

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I am running single server 6.5. I backup two macs and two pc's. One pc is running w2k, the other is running wxp. Until two weeks ago, all worked flawlessly.


I installed Symantec Enterprise VPN Client on the WXP system, and now it isn't seen by Retrospect. I can ping the server machine from WXP, and I can ping WXP from server.


I have run retroclient to make sure it is bound to the correct ip.


I have reinstalled client, using the latest version 6.5.136.



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Either one of two things is happening. Client communication is being routed to the VPN, It is being blocked by the firewall or your VPN software has a setting that disallows local lan access.


In any case the VPN software is interefering with client communication. Retroclient communicates using TCP and UDP on port 497. The server uses multicast for client discovery.


You may want to talk to the makers of the VPN software to see how they handle those things.



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