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Trying to get Retrospect 5.0 (and the 6.0 trial) Workgroup to back up a OS 9.1 client over the network. No matter what version of server or client I try, the back up crashes the client. Either I get a finder error, or a type 2 error if the Retropect client control panel is showing.


The server is OS 10.3 and that side seems to work fine.


The only unique thing about this setup is that the client machine has a D-Link DFE-530TX+ NIC because a lightning strike took out the integrated NIC. This NIC works fine for everything else we run through it, but we suspect Retrospect is having some kind of issue.


After the backup starts, either nothing gets backed up or a few files get backed up, then the server displays a Net retry error. The client has either crashed the finder or the Retrospect client and no communication can be re-established until the client is re-booted.


Am a bit frustrated, as I need a stable back up of this machine over the network and would rather not spring for a new motherboard. Dantz customer support was slightly helpful, and of course, they won't escalate this issue without having to pay for an incident.


Anything else we could try???



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Further tests indicate it was probably the NIC issue.


We pulled the hard drive from the G4 and stuck it into a G3 tower, booted it up and it ran an immediate backup without problem. No change of software.


This indicates to me that this is a limitation of the software. Further, this is a limitation of the software that needs to be addressed not only in the future, but for all versions of the software that could still be running.


I cannot image having to replace an entire motherboard with a blown NIC, just to get a backup running. Not when adding a third party NIC is so cost effective. This is unacceptable.


I've always heard Retrospect was the best backup software to use on a Mac. Seems that glowing recommendation has limits.

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