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Retrospect Client says "An error occurred during startup!"

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Hi all.


I've got Retrospect 5.0238, for Mac OS X, running on a server at work, with a 20 client limit. We're still way under that limit.


Currently, we have six computers being backed up: Neuron 5, Neuron 13, Neuron 15, Tax, Case, and Bank.


I tried to add another computer, Block, to the backup. It's not going right at all. First, I tried to mount the server, copy over the "Install Retrospect Client" folder, and install from there. When I did that, the installer skipped right past the part where you enter a password. Then, over on the server side, this new client was called "admin" instead of "block" like I wanted it too.


After that, I installed straight from the Retrospect CD. I was able to set a password, and the client was named Block. However, the client won't work. The client will start up, run for a few seconds, then turn off. Then I get an error message saying something like "An error occurred during startup".


I've installed Retrospect on other machines without incident. Any clue as to what could be causing the mixup?

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