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Assertion Error "wind.cpp-1107"

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I have no idea how to solve this problem. The following message was detailed in Assert log.utx



This report documents an unusual condition detected by Retrospect's internal

integrity checking. This might be caused by a software bug, but can also be

the result of an incompatibility, hardware malfunction, damaged system

software, or other problems. Details on possible causes and troubleshooting

advice are given in Technical Note 307, Internal Consistency Check Failed,

which can be found on Dantz's website:




For more information and assistance, please send this report to Dantz

Technical Support. You should include a brief note describing the steps that

led to this failure along with your name, address, and registration number.



Electronic mail: tech_support@dantz.com



Voice: 925/253-3050

FAX: 925/253-9099


Mailing address:

Dantz Development Corporation

Attn: Technical Support

4 Orinda Way, Building C

Orinda, CA 94563 USA




OS: Windows 98 version 4.10 (build 2222), A


Exception occurred on 11/4/2003 at 6:52:21 PM

Error info: Assertion failure at "wind.cpp-1107"

Exception code: E0000000 ASSERTION

Fault address: 7800A6FF 0001:000096FF MSVCRT.DLL



Thread ID: FFF9A817, Name: RetroFrameThread


EAX:01C4BC40 CS:017F EIP:7800A6FF EFlags:00000202

EBX:81731E18 SS:0187 ESP:01C4BC24 EBP: 01C4BC4C

ECX:00000000 DS:0187 ESI:78031E00 FS: 32F7

EDX:60071BE0 ES:0187 EDI:01C4BC4C GS: 0000

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thanks for the reply.


Rebooting does not help.


Yes this happens every time i try to backup.


today I noticed in the error message notifying a communication error that the message said Assertion failure @ module cpp-457.


I went to Dantz support and the fix for module cpp-4570 is not use the key board (use the mouse to command Retrospect). I have retrospect set up for automatic backup so I do not touch the key board or mouse.


Asset log.utx says assertion error "wind.cpp-1007" so that is confusing as it does not refer to module cpp-457?


Any other idea's would be appreciated

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