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Erase DVD+RW media takes way too long


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I have previously formatted my DVD+RW media and am using it for a normal backup. The program goes into "erasing" mode and stays there for maybe a half hour, even though it's already been formatted. If I kill the Retrospect process and restart with the same media, it completes the erasing stage much faster.


Something is happening, clearly this is a bug due to the fact that it seems to hang on the erase unless I kill and restart the program. Anyone have similar experiences?


I have a NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A.

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This is very unfortuante. It should be an option for sure. I'm not sure I buy this explanation, however, because when I interrupt the process and re-start it, it doesn't go through the same lengthy check.




If I have to switch DVD's 8 times to back up a large drive, this will keep my computer busy for days unless I feel like sitting in front of it constantly to keep changing CD's. And because of the poor "performance" of the software, the computer is unusable for other tasks while a backup is running.




Backup software is not that complicated of a deal. I don't know why something that is actually usable for the average desktop computer user is just not available.

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Your point is well taken. Dantz tends to keep on the conservitive side of things when it comes to optical media. If you look around the forums you will see that optical media is likely the most problematic. That may simply be a reflection of its popularity however.


In any case, our engineers are concerned about the media integrity enough to make the long erase mandatory.




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