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I have a DDS4 drive with 15 tapes. I want to do very basic backups(full on sunday with differentials Mon-sat). I want to number my 15 tapes 1 thru 15 and let Retrospect use whatever tapes is in the drive. When this tape is full it should eject so I can add the next tape and it should continue so on and so forth. After tape 15 it should continue on to tape 1 overwriting it.


This was very simple in Stomp Backup MYPC, but I can't figure it out in Retrospect.



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Your best bet would be to devide your tapes into two sets and alternate them from week to week. How long do you want to keep this back data before it is overwritten?


By default Retrospect does a full backup the first time and then incrementals after that.




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