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Find out what proactive scheduler is doing

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Hi all,


is there any way of finding out what the proactive scheduler is actually doing?


It seems to wait 'checking source' for a really long time, and a lot of the backups that should start, don't.


Can I crank a debug setting to get more info on this?





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On the monitor screen, proactive tab, there is a pull-down that lets you watch "Sources", "Backup Sets", or "Scripts"


Make sure you are watching the Sources view, then click on each client to see the Status and other data update for that client. You will see why a given client is or is not backing up (the laptop isn't there, the backup set is in use by another script, etc.) If you notice that it is saying the client is not found, then you can track down why it is skipping over that client (see below).


I only use the Scripts view to activate or deactivate a script. The rest of the time I leave it on Sources.


I have one client that seems to stop being found by Retrospect frequently. I am installing the 6.5.136 client on it now, and hoping that it will fix this issue. The client is not going into standby or hibernate, it responds to pings, it doesn't have the firewall enabled, and the Retrospect Client service shows Running, but retrospect can't find this client until I stop the Retrospect Client service on the client, wait for a few seconds, then start the service again. As soon as I do this, Retrospect can find the client and do a backup.

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