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Custom drive configuration fun


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While fooling around with the custom drive configuration in 6.5.343, to get it working with my LiteOn 811s and HP dvd400i drives, I had 2 questions come to mind:


1. I've noticed that once a custom configuration has been successfully created, you can't append further media info into it at a later date. If this is the way it's supposed to be, I think you should explain this in the dialog that asks you if you want to configure for any other media types. This is due to my second query.


2. Every time I've used a blank cd or dvd to create a custom rdi config for a drive, the blank disk is now 'write protected' and can't be used in Retrospect or any other burning program. Is this the way it's supposed to be? I know the cost of media is going down, pricewise, but I'd rather not have to throw away a good disk just because it was used by Retro to configure a drive. I've noticed that you can't reuse the disk even within Retro to create another rdi file.


Scenario- I create an rdi file using a blank dvd-r. It's successful and now I can't use this disk anymore since it's write protected by Retro. Then I realize I'd like to configure the drive for +r media, so I lose a dvd+r disk doing that. Then I realize my last custom configuration action didn't append media info to my rdi file, it overwrote it, so now I have to go back and redo my custom drive configuration using yet another dvd-r and dvd+r disk, and now I have 4 coasters since the disks have all been write protected by Retro. It seems there should be a clear suggestion that if you're creating a custom configuration, you should do it for each media type you plan to use, _right now_.


BTW, after one does a few driver updates, you begin to wonder if one of these includes support for your drive. Will Retro let you know if your drive is now supported and you can get rid of the rdi file now? If not, one could be looking at many more disks becoming coasters after you delete your rdi file, check for support and then have to recreate your rdi file if the support wasn't added.


I applaud the inclusion of the custom drive configuration feature, but I hope it will become more flexible in the future. Not a flame, just a thought. Many thanks!

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Hi -


Yes, it is correct that you will need to configure for all media types at the same time. If you originally ran the auto-configurator only with CD-R media, for example, and now want to use Retrospect with DVD-R media, you'll need to run the configurator for both types of media. Once the driver has been built it cannot be modified.


It is also correct that once an -R disc has been used with the Auto-Configurator it is no longer usable for other operations. Retrospect runs through a number of tests which include writing to and restoring from the media. -RW/+RW discs can be reused, while -R/+R cannot.


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