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One Touch and Retrospect 6.0 on xp


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Hello all,


I have just purchased a 200gb Maxtor One Touch with bundled Retrospect 6.0 and wish to use them for full backups on Laptop and PC.

I am a little unsure as to the best settings in R 6, I did a full Backup on this machine last night, which took about 2 hours and the drive reached a max of 430mb/min transfer rate. I had 14 executable errors at the end but unfortunately was too tired to check them and just closed down.


Anyway im rambling, can anyone suggest the best routine for a complete safety proceedure on a daily or 5 times weekly basis ? I remember when my hard drive crashed in the laptop and I was devastated at losing months of work.





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Most (all?) of the Maxtor USB/Firewire drives come formatted as FAT32. If you never intend to use Windows 98 with this drive, you'd be wise to format it as NTFS. This will allow you to backup volumes larger than 4 GB. Otherwise I'd guess it would be good practice to shut down as many processes as possible during the backup, including any optional ones in your system tray.

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