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Retrospect Workgroup will not start up...

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I had a problem the other night [i did not know it was a problem until I called tech support for OWC]. I had more than 4 firewire drives on my dual G5. In any case, it seems to have corrupted some things and I would imagine that some of those things may have been some of the programs that were running at the time.


I have since not been able to start Retrospect and get the error message:


"Sorry, can't open the Retro.Config (5.0) file, error - 24203 (not a chunk file or badly damaged)"


I was going to call Dantz tech support but it appears that you have to pay for tech support if you do not have a problem within the first 30 days. I am not sure but it at first glance it looks like one has to pay for support.


Has anyone run into this before and if so, what can I do? I have tried reinstalling but it did not seem to work. I am wondering if I can/should look into uninstalling completely and then reinstalling.




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