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Underusing media

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Machine: PowerBook 17", running Panther, Retrospect 6.0.178


While doing a fresh backup I got a 203 error on the second disk.


Retrospect then asked for a new disk and I continued.


From that point forward, I seem to only be writing about 2 Gig to a DVD.




* Should I scrap this backup and try again?


* What is the source of 203 errors? Does this mean my DVD drive may be failing?

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It generally means hardware failure but there could be other things happening. What does Retrospect see the drive as under cofigure->devices->device status?


Have you tried other types and brands of media? Make sure you have the latest driver update installed.



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I have two 17" portables and I took two approaches to the problem.


On one, I re-installed OS X and Retrospect. That has cured the problem on that machine. (I later upgraded to the latest Retrospect 6.0.193)


On the second, I just upgraded to 6.0.193. That cured the problem.


Until this morning.


Now, I again have an error 203


- 4/17/2004 8:59:23 PM: Copying Macintosh HD…

Trouble writing: “1-TubacA [002]” (3221225472), error 203 (hardware failure).

Additional error information for device "Panasonic DVD-R" [0:0],

Sense > f1 00 04 00 1c c9 60 0a 00 32 00 16 03 00 00 00 00 00



This was while using Memorex DVD-R 4x media.


In the packaging for the Memorex DVD-R 4x media, they included a special warning that talked about not using Panasonic drives before upgrading the firmware.


So, using Retrospect's configuration/device scan, I noted that the drive is a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-815 DWDB. Since it was not a Panasonic, I used the media. I successfully created a 4-disk backup of my machine.


This morning I tried a second complete backup and I got the above error message.


Then, using your suggestion to check the driver, I note that Retrospect has installed a Panasonic DVD-R (5.11) driver.


So, now I'm worried. Why is there a Panasonic driver loaded for a MATSHITA drive?


Why am I getting 203 errors?

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