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Backing up "Veritas" Backup files with Retrospect

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Hi there.


We have recently purchased a new AIT2 drive that came with Retrospect Single Server 6.5.

However it was for a server with exchange and SQL, and agents didnt come with Retrospect software.


We have a installation of Veritas Backup exec 9.0 and this has the agents.

What we do is use veritas to backup to a folder on a local disk and use Retrospect to backup these files to AIT2 (as veritas doesnt support AIT2 over firewire).


If there are any implications i should know about by doing this, i take it if we restored the veritas files using retrospect as should be ok.

Anyone with any thoughts on this much appreciated.


Also, what are the relations with catalog files? if the whole server went down and we had to re-install retrospect, would the recycle backup to AIT2 be sufficient to restore the files? or do we need to backup the catalog file also?


Thanks, sorry its a long-winded one





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