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copying old dds4 tapes to new ait2 tapes

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hi there


we now have a new firewire ait2 drive running in os9.2.2 on a 733 quicksilver g4. we also have an old dds4 drive which is driven from an adaptec ultrawide scsi card. i've been transferring (via the copy function) our VERY old dds2 tapes to the ait tapes successfully (although it's pretty slow). now i need to copy the dds4 tapes to the ait2 tapes. i prep everything as before but when the transfer starts the dds4 tape just sits and hangs there. i can restore from this tape using our old retrospect (v4) but not from the new version (5.1). i can also verify the dds4 tapes from v4.


any suggestions?


(the backups are audio folders from our audio post facility so they are a) large files and B) VERY important)


feel free to email me: max@redfacilities.com


best wishes


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Try allocating more RAM to Retrospect 5.1 and try the transfer again. You can also option click the preferences button and turn off virtual memory. You may want to try booting with base extensions + Retrospect to see if you have better luck.



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