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Retrospect 5.6 crashes computer at backup device scan


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I have version 5.6.132, running on a Windows 2000 computer with a Maxtor 5000 external drive. For more than ayear I have been using this and it worked fine, both for one touch backups and for automatic backups every night. Now it no longer works. First, I would get a message that the automatic backup did not work because the drive that was to be backed up (my data partition) could not be found. When I tried to do a backup manually, the program freezes during "device scan 2.0" . Indeed, the entire computer freezes, and I must do a hard reboot--device manager will not let me close down retrospect.


I tried removing the config55.dat and bak files, but that did not help. I tried reinstalling, but that did not help.


I have no trouble accessing my data drive from any other programs, it's fine. I have no trouble accessing my Maxtor 5000 and the files stored on it with other programs.


I think that this problem arose shortly after I used Partition Magic to change the allocation of space on my hard drive (not the Maxtor backup drive). So, my data partition is a different size that it was previously.


I would be enormously grateful for any help with this.

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That worked! Thank you so much.


Now the next question: is there any way I can allow both devices to be plugged in at the same time? It's kind of a pain to pull them in and out. I am a bit puzzled by this because it seems that it used to work ok.


I wonder if I have the latest device driver, and if not, whether changing that would help. I can't tell whether the one I have is the most recent, or not.



But in any event, thankyou again.



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