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Out of space on NTFS USB drive with tons od space


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I was doing a Normal backup when I suddenly got a message that 31GB had been used, there was no space left, and I had to add another drive to add to the disk backup set.


Well, the drive has 44.4GB free.

So I terminated the backup job and replaced the drive with another USB drive that had a different backup set. Backup completed with no problem.


I then went back to the original USB drive and when asked to add a new member, I tried to tell Retrospect to put a new member on the same drive (N:\).


Got a message that the drive was already a member of the backup set.


Note that the backup set is actually in:




So I created a directory



I then told Retrospect to put the new stuff there.


Happily, Retrospect continued merrily along with the backup.

However, I then noticed that Retrospect had created




Which is not what I intended.


1. How can I get Retrospect to put the members where I say, e.g., in:






2. I also wondered where the 31GB limit came from. I never set that.

Other than the backup set for my system, the only files on the drive are the usual NTFS stuff and a small (less than 1GB) backup set for a bunch of networked drives that have not changed in over 4 months).


There needs to be a way to tell Retrospect that it can use whatever space is left, without locking out other use of the drive, if I choose to do so.


Where's the documentation for this.


My birthday is Monday, but events like this make me age a lot faster.

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