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OSX Server Retro client problem

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Hello again,


I have a problem that won't go away... One of my clients on my new setup is an OSX server running 10.3. The problem is that I cannot see the client.


The details are: WinXP Pro machine with Retrospect multiserver and all the goodies. 28 clients. I had this same problem with 4 OSX machines that were used in the testing phase. I fixed them by deleting the "retroclient.state" file and reinstalling the client software. For some reason the OSX Server box does not accept this as a fix and when I try to add the client to the retro server by IP I get error 530.


I know that there are no problems with the networking, this is a live machine that is running a webserver and a helpdesk software package. Any suggestions?


Scott Calman

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