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Backup works but client still displays "not being backed up"?

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Hi all,


Retrospect Multi 6.0 for Windows.


I have a client machine that is being backed up but the client file is not being updated to reflect that it has being backed up. Therefore it keeps telling me that "you have not being backed up since blah blah" when in fact it has.


I have verified that the backup does work/exist.


If I were to execute an "immediate backup" it logs this backup in the client file, but my scripted backup does not get logged.


Any ideas? confused.gif

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In my experience this usually happens when the Immediate Backup and the scripted backup are using two different methods to backup the volume in question.


Go to Configure > Volumes and see if the client volumes are listed not only under "Backup Clients" but also under "My Network Places." If you see the volumes listed under "My Network Places" odds are that your script is backing up the client volume through Win Networking rather then through the Client software.

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Thanks for the reply.


There are no clients listed under 'My Network Places', if I drill into it though I can see all machines on my Network including the the two Client servers.


I backup three servers. The server Retrospect runs on and two others accessed via the client. I have checked the properties of both client servers and they are the same. Now one does log it has been backed up and the other does not.


Have you got any other ideas?

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