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How to backup only one specified folder


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Hi ! smile.gif


It's probably quite simple but I have been starring at it too long now ...


Can anyone tell me how I make a duplicate job that only duplicates the contents of C:\Program Files\ProgramName ?


I guess I want to exclude everything and then only include this particular folder but I don't know how to do it


Thanx !


Kasper :o)


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Create advanced selector that selects folder name (ie. folder name exactly matches My Program). If folder name is not unique than you'll need to in use path selector (ie. folder path ends with \Program Files\My Program).


Unfortunatelly current Retrospect cannot backup just one folder. You'll be forced to either backup the selected folder and no security+attributes information (Source Snapshots OFF) or the folder and all security+attributes of the whole partition (Source Snapshots ON) ( can take hours if you have a lot of files on the drive). There's no workaround. This is by design.




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You can also set up a Sub-Volume as just that folder. Then just back up that (rather than a big disk + selector).


If it's small and depending on the type of data, you could consider doing a Duplicate rather than a Backup (some negatives, but avoids the big & slow snapshot issue).

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