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Does moving files to another local partition make them get backed up again?

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Here's the scenario I'm looking at:


Two partitions: Workflow for live data (D:); Archive for the past work (E:). Both partitions are backed up to the same backup set.


As jobs are completed, I will move files from D: to E: to free space for new work. In other words, all files that are on E: would have existed in the same state on D: previously.


Does this mean, that whenever E: is backed up, all that will happen is that the Snapshot will update the new locations of the files, and not actually copy them to tape again?


From observation of Retrospect's behaviour, I'm thinking they won't be copied to tape again. However, if they are, I'm going to eat through tapes at a startling rate.




Now to take things another step forward...


Most of the time, D: and E: will get backed up by the same script in the same session.


However, when a tape set is recycled/new tape set started, the combined data on D: and E: may exceed the number of tapes our autoloader can hold. Singly, each partition is manageable.


In this scenario, I will run a backup of D: on one night to the tape set, and then backup E: the following night to the same tape set, but with just the last tape from the previous night in the autoloader, the rest being more blank tapes.


After that two-stage backup has taken place, I will put both D: and E: back onto daily backups to that tape set (as the amount of changed data on both partitions will be easily manageable in a single backup window thereafter).


Will this work as a strategy? Also, will the behaviour described in the first section above still apply - i.e. will files moved across to the E: partition not backup again, only update the Snapshot?


Hope that's all clear,


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If the files are still identical to a file that exists in the backup set it will not be copied again. Moving the files between drives should not cause them to be backed up again. However if the disks are different file systems or the file size/modify time is reported differently the files will be backed up.


Your strategy for the tapes is perfect. I don't forsee any problems.



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