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Plan of attack suggestons needed

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Hi all,

We currently backup to DAT Tape with Retrospect Remote 3.0i for Mac (Very old I know!!).


I am looking to replace or upgrade this backup system.


We back up 3 Macs and a PC to DAT.


I am looking to change this to back up these machines to DVD. But, I was wondering if there are DVD Juke Box Burners that are compatiable. We will also upgrade Retrospect to OSX compatiable.


We back up about 5-15Gb daily.


All ideas and/or suggestions very welcome. ie. Retrospect version (X or 9), DVD Juke Box Burners, etc.etc.


Thanks in advance.

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To the best of my knowledge Retrospect is not currently compatible with any DVD jukeboxes. Since you are backing up a fair amount of data every day you might want to look into the newer tape formats. You can get a lot of capacity and great speeds now.



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