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Where are scripts stored?

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My desktop server just DIED (physically). So I bought a new toy (G5, dang this thing is FAST) and I've reinstalled Retrospect Desktop on it. I'm trying to recover my backup sets for the two external machines, and can't figure out where Retrospect stored it's original scripts so I can restore them in preparation for rebuilding my backups using the new server.


I had a HUGE number of "exclusions" in those original sets that I want to get back, or at least print. I have an XP client that has 200,000+ files on it and my TiPB has another 150,000. I obviously want to exclude a lot of cache, temp, and tool files from my backup sets...


TIA, Steve

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I'll take a stab at this, though bear in mind I know nothing. Try Library>Preferences>Retrospect>Retro.Config6.0


Tech Support just had me ditch mine to rebuild my scripts to try to solve a problem I was having. Maybe this can help you.


However, this is all preferences, including passwords, and whatever else you may have had. So beware.


Ann Marie

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