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Supported CDRW, but not the CD's?

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Hello folks;


O.K. I've browsed the topics and found some similar situations, but not exactly like this one:


I have a LaCie external SCSI CDRW. It shows up under the "device status" window in Retrospect. I had to "configure" it in order for it to show up in the "storage devices" window, and it now does. However, whenever I put in a NEW CD or a NEW CDRW, it mounts as "incompatible" with a little lock icon next to it. What is up? I have already gone through the possible "scsi" pitfall issues; my burner works great all the time. I'm running a G4 with max ram, and retro 5.1175. I also installed the scsi update today without any luck. My LaCie burner shows up under "device status" as: CDPP-1210325, version- 1.03, driver- RDI (TAO) (5.11).


Any ideas would be really great.


Thanks in advance,


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