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Problem with back up 2 tapes


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I am running Retrospect 6.0 for a multi-server environment. I am having problem with back up like this:

I created a set of back up for 5 days for 5 DLT tape. Each day from Monday to Friday has correspondent tape.


Let say today is Thursday, I insert tape 1-Thursday A into so it can run unattended to back up for Thursday. Next morning which is Friday, when I come in, it ejected the Thursday tape out and asking for 2-Thursday A tape.


How do I stop this, I just want one tape per day only, not two tapes per day.


Please help.



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Retrospect is asking for the new tape because the first tape in the set is full. If you want to keep your backups smaller have Retrospect do "Recycle" backups more often. It sounds like space is pretty tight for you. You may want to run Recycle backups every day.



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