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Maxtor One Touch Use By Non Administrators


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I have seen written in several places that you must have Administrator privileges to run Retrospect (Express) 6 back up on Windows. But I find that the backup process works even for non-Administrators. I have experimented with various scenarios - the on that works best is an ntbackup script with a user account in the Backup group, ie.e not using Retrospect at all.


But why can't I use a Retrospect Express Run document from the Maxtor One touch which might be better? For an Administrator account the script runs, retrospect starts and finishes. But for the non-Administrator account the retrospect does not run and close. Instead, a dialog screams that the backup won't work for non-administrators. You click Close on the dialog and the backup works OK.


How do you stop this dialog from running? I just want the backup to occur with one touch of the Maxtor disk. the backup works and I don't need to be told that it won't. Presumably only Administrator privilege files and folders cannot be backed up. But the user only has an interest in backing up their own documents and these are indeed backed up - but not without the dialog warning. being a member of the Backup Group seems to have no effect on Retrospect. I find Maxtor/Retrospect very diffixult to use - mostly because of the Administrator issue which is strange as I think the Maxtor is marketed at the SOHO user.


There must be a simple solution to this and sorry if I missed it on the forum.



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