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Retrospect spends most of its time idle/loading/preparing


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Here's an an example:


Total performance: 136.8 MB/minute

Total duration: 01:27:39 (01:11:47 idle/loading/preparing)


This is about 82% of the time. The actual backup peformance in this case is not unreasonable and correctly accounts for a small fraction of the 1:27 time.


Many other backups are have a similar 70% ratio like this.


What is Retrospect doing during all these times?


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I am seeing similar behavior a number of machines I looked at. They are mostly Windows XP, but a few Mac OS X and Linux.


At the very least, R should document the time it takes to do that separately.


It seems that snapshot building defeats the incremental nature of the backup. Do you think it will ever be possible speed that up? For example, does snapshot data need to be constructed on the server side? I wonder if building it on the client side could help speed it up.

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The snapshot is a critical part of progressive backup but with the increase in the amount of data on machines the snapshot creation time goes way up. You are right, in some cases the snapshot takes much more time than the actual backup. It is a performance bottleneck that Dantz is very aware of - hopefully we can see a solution sometime in the near future.



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