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# of files & duplicates in back up.

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I am preparing to format & partition a TI PowerBook. It has Classic OS and OS X on it, plus who knows whatever else. I booted it from a CD and backed it up to a FireWire drive with a Finder copy. The Finder counted about 96,000 files on the drive. I copied by dragging the HD icon to the FireWire drive.




I then backed it up to tape with Retrospect 5. Retrosspect counted about 75,000 files. Especially with OS X on the drive, I see it plausible that there could be that kind of like file duplication there.




When the Optimization feature is turned on, does the Retrospect file count indicate the total number of files on the source volume or does it account for the duplicate files in the file count?




Is it in the nature of the Unix/OSX file structure to cause this?




Should I be concerned with this difference in file counts?

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