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Bootable OS X Disk via Duplication?

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If I Duplicate (not BackUp) my internal OS X drive (only has OS X on it) to an external Firewire drive using Retrospect Desktop 5.02 and a G4 that can boot to an external FireWire drive, will I be able to boot from the FireWire hard drive that is now a duplicate of my internal X drive?




If so, will it matter if the X drive is duplicated to a folder on the FW drive instead of to theroot level of the FW drive? I would do this because I want to use the FW drive to back up 2 other OS 9 drives as well. Will this work?




Many thanks,




JIm Reffner

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Some people have reported problems doing this, while others have had success.




I have just this moment finished duplicating the boot partition of an iMac (slot-load CDRW) running OSXServer to an external FireWire drive.




The FW drive showed up in the Startup Disk preference pane, but restarting gave me a flash of question mark and then it booted back to the internal drive.




So, I ran the OS X 10.1 CD, and guess what? When the installer was finished and restarted the iMac, the same thing happened; flash of question mark and booted back to the internal drive.




Apparently this drive (which is older, and does not have the Oxford 911 chipset) does not appear to be bootable under OS X. And I believe that Apple does not qualify _any_ external FireWire drives for booting under OS X.




Try it and see; if it works great, if it doesn't it may not be a Retrospect issue.




But no, if you restore into a folder it will not boot, no matter what model of drive you have.





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