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How do i specify what i want to backup


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how do i select what i want to backup and what i dont want to?


every script that i have made so far i go to the selecting part of the script, i right click the (all except cache files) then i go to my internal hard drive, and un select my music, because i already have a master folder of it on my external. then i also un select that master music folder on the external. the rest of the script seems fine, but every time it executes it does not recognize that i have unselected the music, and backs it up any ways.

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When using the Immediate Backup > Files Chosen window, Retrospect will always generate a new live picture of the source. For this reason, file selection criteria is not retained. In the Professional version and higher, you have the ability to create/save a selector which will remember your choices.


With the Express Edition, you can create subvolumes (folders you designate as an independent volumes for use within Retrospect) to backup individual folders rather then the entire drive. This method will not work for individual files - only folders.


While in the Volume selection window, highlight your drive and click the Subvolume button. You'll see a window with all the folders on the root level of your drive. Highlight the first folder you'd like to backup and click the Define button. The individual folder will now be available as a potential backup source. Repeat this proceedure for each individual folder you'd like to backup.


Upgrade information can be found at:




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