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Files backup fine, but are invisible when restored

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I just restored a Snapshot of a disk to the local hard drive where Retrospect runs and it restored all the files I had selected. However, after the restore I thought some folders were missing. It wasn't until I used Terminal to check and see what was there, that I saw ALL folders listed. I wondered why could I see the folders in Terminal but not in the Finder in on the Mac I use to run Retrospect? It turns out, for some reason, when Retrospect did the restore, some of the folders were set to be invisible in the Finder. I used FileBuddy to change the folder attribute so I could see them in the Finder. Any ideas how I can prevent this from happening again? Thanks!


MacOS X 10.2.8

Retrospect 5.1.167



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Files stored on the desktop are hidden in some cases. You will need to unhide them with a utility such as resedit.





What does this mean?


Files on an OS 9 Desktop are no different then files in any other location on the drive. Either they have the "invisible" bit set, or they don't. This bit is no different then other attributes, such as locked or initiated.


Are you saying that Retrospect treats files in the OS 9 Desktop folder differently then it treats other files?


Are the correct file attributes not backed up? Or are they lost on Restore?


Is this behavior (whatever it is) something that started with OS X/5.0, or has it existed in earlier versions of Retrospect?





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Hi Dave,


Please correct me if I am wrong on this - here is my understanding of what happens:


In some cases (rare enough that I don't remember very well) files are restored but they are invisible. I have been told that files backed up from desktop folders can restore this way because they are hidden. Resedit can unhide them and all is good.


Maybe this is hidden file/desktop folder relationship is pure fiction? Maybe it only occurs on machines set up for multiple users? I'm not sure...


I seem to also recall some situations in Retrospect 4.3 where files would restore but they would be invisible. Apparently resedit can't fix them either. The only way around it was a files only restore to a subvolume or restore entire to a subvolume...something like that.


It's probably worth getting Mayoff's 2 cents on this one.




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The Desktop folder in OS 9 is an invisible folder. When you're setting up your restore, try changing the pull-down menu from "Restore Files and Folders" to "Restore Just Files." Often this is the result of the folders either flagging those files as invisible, or having permissions that don't match up with what you have access to.



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