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Retrospect can't see clients

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On my G3 iBook using Retrospect 5.1, I was able to see my wife's iMac as a client (we are on an airport network). When I bought my iBook G4 in December, I installed Retrospect from the CD and tried to see the iMac as a client. No go. I have added Retrospect port under Sharing, and I know the connection works because a) I can logged in to the iMac from my iBook, and B) when I put up the old G3 iBook and run Retrospect it tells me that her iMac is a client. When I tried to make the old iBook a client as well it didn't work, either (basically, the G4 is the main one and the G3 iBook and iMac are the clients).




As far as I can tell, everything is the same on both iBooks down to the Network settings, but on the new one I cannot see the clients. Any thoughts about why? One guy posted in Installing forum that maybe I should only allow Airport on the Network and disable the others, or at least put it on top, but that didn't work, either.




I've got 20+ years experience with Macs, but I'm stumped! Any ideas? Oh, and all machines run OS 10.3.









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